Bees @ Work© Adopt a Spot                      

Our Bees @ Work © Adopt-A-Spot program is a teamwork service project activity for schools and youth groups.  The program emphasizes the partnership between the private and public sector to help maintain the public lands we all share. 

 The volunteer base we target is 3rd thru 12th grade students because there is an educational component to the program.  Adopt-a-Spot Teams are required to sign up for a two (2) year commitment and must have an adult Team Leader.   The teams participate in a fall and spring planting each year for a total of four (4) plant dates in a two year period.  The volunteers are introduced to the elements that factor into creating the curb appeal that will be sustainable in a public lands site such as how to pick the correct plants for the site, the benefit of organic pest control, recycling through composting, and the positive effect of a maintained area on litter abatement.     

The adopt-a-spots we work in are selected by the city or county, depending on where the park or gateway is located.  After receiving approval, Montgomery County Beautification Association assigns teams to areas in or near their community unless otherwise agreed to by all parties.   To enroll your school or youth group in our Bees @ Work©Adopt-a-Spot program e-mail us at and provide us with your contact information.