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Texas Wildlife & Woodland Expo and Spring Fling©     


Texas Wildlife & Woodland Expo and Spring Fling is an annual outdoor conservation education event designed for families to participate in hands-on crafts and activities related to the great outdoors featuring wildlife, insects, birds and trees native to Texas as well as best practices for organic gardening and water conservation and many more conservation topics.  

Montgomery County Beautification Association’s partnership to bring this outdoor event to Montgomery County began in 2002 with Lone Star College – Montgomery agreeing to host the event on their campus; we named the event Spring Fling.  Our partnership expanded to include Texas A&M Forest Service and Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service which led to a new name that included all our partners; thus the name Texas Wildlife & Woodland Expo and Spring Fling was coined and has grown to include presenters from all over Texas.  

If you are into the environment, gardening, butterflies, birds, bats, or just want to see what we are talking about Save This Date – MARCH 2, 2019 and come to the 2019 Texas Wildlife & Woodland Expo and Spring Fling.  It is FREE and full of FUN for your whole family.  We’ll be at Lone Star College - Montgomery located at SH 242 and West Campus Drive from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. waiting to meet you!